The easiest way to gamify your SaaS product

Boost engagement with our low-code gamification SDK


Create unlockable achievements triggered by critical user actions


Encourage users to keep coming back with streaks


Award badges that users can collect and display on their profile


Recognize power users with customizable tiers and levels

UI Widget

Display progress in realtime with a drop-in UI widget

API Access

Format the view layer however you want using our APIs


Reward your users for taking action

Create unlockable achievements, triggered in realtime. Set key milestones and let users know what they're working toward.

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Encourage your users to keep coming back

Help users visualize their progress and build positive habits. Just select a core streak metric to display daily, weekly, and monthly streaks.

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Give your users something to be proud of

Automatically award badges that users can collect, display on their profile, and share.

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How it works

Add a gamification layer to any SaaS product in less than an hour


Install SDK

Paste a code snippet, install via npm, or enable via Segment.


Configure rules

Choose a starter template, or create your own from scratch.



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Frequently Asked Questions

SpeedRun is the easiest way to add a gamification layer to your SaaS product

We are currently in a pre-release phase and the API is being actively developed. Documentation will be provided as soon as we reach a stable alpha release.

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